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Form Fill-Up:

30.05.17 – 11.06.17

Provisional Merit List:

16.06.17 (4:00PM)

Any Query regarding Provisional Merit List:

Must be intimated within 1:00 PM of 19.06.17

First List for Online Admission:

21.06.17, 22.06.17, 23.06.17

Second List for Online Admission:

28.06.17, 29.06.17

Third List for Online Admission:

03.07.17, 04.07.17

Verification of Online Admitted Candidates (If a Candidate is absent at the time of verification, his/her admission is deemed to be cancelled.)

To be notified later





(Subject to change as per C.U. Circulars, if any)
1. All candidates who have passed H.S. or Equivalent Examination (with pass in English having full marks being not less than 100) in the Years 2012 & onwards are eligible to apply for admission to 1st Year of the 3-Year B.A. / B.Sc.  / B.Com. Degree Courses (Honours/General). Candidates passing H.S. / Equivalent Examinations before 2012 are not eligible to apply for Admission.
2. For the purpose of determining eligibility for admission to the Honours course, aggregate Marks, obtained at the prequalifying Examination, shall be calculated by adding the marks in top-four subjects in order of marks, secured by a candidate. However, marks in Compulsory Environmental Education / Studies shall not be taken in to account for calculation of aggregate marks (if the subject "Environmental Science" is studies as an elective subject of 100 marks, it may be taken into account for the purpose of determining the aggregate marks).
3. A candidate willing to take up Honours Course in a subject at the previous qualifying examination must have obtained
i) A minimum of 50% marks in aggregate and 45% marks in the subject or related subject at the previous qualifying examination.
ii) A minimum of 55% marks in the subject or related subject at the previous qualifying examination.
iii) A minimum of 50% marks in aggregate when the candidate has not studied the subject in his / her previous qualifying examination provided all the other clauses are satisfied (i.e. must have passed in the related subject.)
          AND that his/her name comes in the merit list prepared for the purpose.
4. However, a candidate belonging to the Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes community willing to take up Honours course in a subject must have obtained a minimum of 40% marks in the subject or the related subject or in the aggregate at the previous qualifying examination, as the case may be,
AND that his/her name comes in the merit list prepared for the purpose.
5. Candidates who have been admitted in any colleges under C.U. before 2017 are not eligible to get admission to this institution to 1st year classes. In other words, Candidates who have already been registered students of University of Calcutta are not eligible.


6. A candidate shall be allowed to take up the subject(s) under heading A if he / she had passed the subject(s) under heading B at the previous qualifying examination.




Accountancy, or Business Economics including Business Mathematics, or Business Organisation, or Economics, or Statistics




Physics and Mathematics




Zoology or Biological Science, Physics and Chemistry


Botany or Biological Science, Physics and Chemistry


Physiology or Biological Science, Physics and Chemistry

Computer Science

Mathematics and Physics/Statistics/Computer science


Psychology (for Honours Course of Studies)

7. A candidate is not allowed to take up the same subject as an elective one in which he / she has taken Honours. As for example, a candidate is not allowed to take up Mathematics as an elective subject if he / she takes Mathematics as an Honours subject.


8. For the Purpose of admission to B.Com. Honours Course, the word "subject or related subject" shall mean the following:


Related Subject

1. Accountancy

1. Mathematics

2. Business Economics including Business Mathematics

2. Economics

3. Business Organization

3. Statistics


Eligibility for B.SC. GENERAL STREAM (PART-I)

Subjects (Combination allowed)

Must obtain At least

1) Physics (PHSG), Mathematics (MTMG), Chemistry (CEMG)


2) Physics (PHSG), Mathematics (MTMG), Computer Science (CMSG)

30% in Math & Physics/Statistics

3) Physiology (PHYG), Zoology (ZOOG), Botany (BOTG)

30% in Chemistry

4) Physiology (PHYG), Zoology (ZOOG), Chemistry (CEMG)


5) Physiology (PHYG), Botany (BOTG), Chemistry (CEMG)


6) Zoology (ZOOG), Botany (BOTG), Chemistry (CEMG)





Eligibility for B.SC. HONOURS STREAM (PART-I)

Honours Subjects

Elective Subjects (any one pair)(Combination allowed)

Must obtain At least



1) Mathematics (MTMG)& Chemistry (CEMG)


2) Mathematics (MTMG)& Computer Science (CMSG)

30% in Math & Physics/Statistics


1) Physics (PHSG)& Mathematics (MTMG)



1) Physics (PHSG)& Chemistry (CEMG)


2) Physics (PHSG)& Computer Science (CMSG)

30% in Math & Physics/Statistics



1) Mathematics (MTMG)& Political Science (PLSG)

30% in Math/ Business Math

2) Mathematics (MTMG)& Computer Science (CMSG)

30% in Math & Physics/Statistics


1) Physiology (PHYG)& Zoology (ZOOG)

30% in Chemistry & Physics

2) Physiology (PHYG)& Chemistry (CEMG)

30% in Physics

3) Zoology (ZOOG)& Chemistry (CEMG)

30% in Physics



1) Zoology (ZOOG)& Botany (BOTG)

30% in Chemistry & Physics

2) Zoology (ZOOG)& Chemistry (CEMG)

30% in Physics

3) Botany (BOTG)& Chemistry (CEMG)

30% in Physics


1) Physiology (PHYG)& Botany (BOTG)

30% in Chemistry & Physics

2) Physiology (PHYG)& Chemistry (CEMG)

30% in Physics

3) Botany (BOTG)& Chemistry (CEMG)

30% in Physics

N.B.: No combination will be allowed if the candidate has failed in any particular subject of that combination.


COMPUTER SCIENCE GENERAL (CMSG) is being taught as an elective subject on self financing basis. For taking up CMSG as one of the permissible combination subjects, a student has to pass Mathematics and Physics or Mathematics and Statistics in the qualifying examination.

No. of Seats in Computer Science (CMSG) is 20 only. For details of fees refer to Fees Structure.



  • All admissions are provisional.
  • Approval of provisional admission is subject to the fulfillment of conditions laid down by University of Calcutta and the College.
  • Admission is  liable to cancellation if, at any stage, after admission it is found that the conditions or requirements for the same as laid down by the College and / or University of Calcutta are not satisfied.
  • Admission will be strictly on merit. However, there shall be usual relaxation or reservation for SC / ST and OBC candidates as per Government Rules. For any ambiguity, contact Dr. Pallab Gayen (9433379385), Convenor, Admission Sub-Committee) or
  • Simultaneous admission in more than one institution in any session is against the Rules and Regulations of University of Calcutta. If, after getting admission in the College, a candidate wants to change over to any institution(s), he / she must seek prior permission in writing from the Principal/ Teacher-in-Charge. Otherwise, if the candidate does not have necessary permission from the Principal / Teacher-in-Charge to that effect the matter may be referred to the authority of University of Calcutta as well as to the Principal / Teacher-in-Charge of the other institution(s) where he / she has taken admission, for taking necessary (legal) action. Under such circumstances, his / her admission in our institution is liable to be cancelled.


To be notified later....







  • All admissions are provisional.


Admission to Part – I Degree Courses can be made through ONLINE process only. Submission of ONLINE APPLICATION FORM can be made through the LINK provided in the College Website from 11.00 A.M. of 30th May, 2017 to 24:00 Hour of  11th  June, 2017.

  • All candidates who have passed H.S. or Equivalent Examinations (General Stream**), in the years 2012 and onwards are eligible to apply, subject to fulfillment of eligibility criteria as laid down by C.U. & the College.

** Students passing H.S. or Equivalent Qualifying Examinations from OPEN SCHOOL & VOCATIONAL are NOT ELIGIBLE for Admission.

  • Marks obtained in H.S. or Equivalent Qualifying Examinations in   TOP FOUR subjects in order of marks shall be considered to ascertain the “Aggregate Marks ** ” 


** For Calculation of Aggregate Marks:

           i)   Marks in Compulsory Environmental Science/ Environmental  Education / Environmental  Studies shall not be taken into account.
            ii) However, Environmental Science/ Environmental Education / Environmental  
Studies, if studied as an elective subject of 100 marks, shall be taken into account.

  • Applicants must have passed Bengali (100 marks), English (100 marks) & 3 elective subjects in H.S. or Equivalent Qualifying Examinations. Before filling in Online Application Form, Students are informed to check the Combination of subject as provided by the College.


  • Students passing qualifying Examination with English and one vernacular other than Bengali or passing with English only and no other vernacular will not be considered for Admission to the College.


  • Applicants may upload scanned copy of their recent colour Photograph and Signature ( .jpeg format, size within 50KB) during submission of ONLINE FORMS (Optional)
  • Processing fee: Applicants have to deposit a sum of Rs. 200/- (Two hundred only) ONLINE (e.g. Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking etc.) or by Challan at HDFC Bank (Only at Uttarpara Branch, Timing 11:00 A.M. – 2:30 P.M.) within 11th June, 2017. Bank Charges for Online and Offline (i.e. by Challan) transaction will be borne by the Applicant. Applicants may prefer to make payment through ONLINE mode. Different types of Bank Charges for Transaction are following:


  • Debit Card Transaction Charges (Domestic)- *

Below Rs 1000 - 0.25%
Rs 1000- Rs 2000 - .50%
Above Rs 2000- 1.0%                                                         

  • Transaction Charges (Diners) – 2.50%*
  • Transaction Charges (AMEX) – 2.95%*
  • Credit Card Transaction charges (Master/Visa)– .34 %*
  • Net Banking – Rs 15/-
  •  Challan – Rs. 5/-

*Service tax would be over and above these charges as per Govt. of India norms.

  • Admission: Merit-listed candidates (Online Admission Button will be given at the right side column of the lists for such candidates) will be permitted to take Provisional Admission after full payment of requisite Admission fees (See Our College Website/Admission Portal for Admission fees in different subject combination) through Online or by Challan within the requisite date and time for different lists in connection with the admission process. No candidates will be admitted if the date and time is over in connection with such lists.


  • If a Candidate is absent at the time of verification, his/her admission is deemed to be cancelled.
  • Documents of Provisionally Admitted Candidates will be verified at College Premises.


  • Any mistakes from Candidate’s part at any stage of online admission will not be considered and for such cases his/her admission will be cancelled and no refund will be provided by the College.
  • Follow our Website for different Dates and Time.


  • Documents required at the time of verifying Admission:

Provisionally Admitted Candidates are required to bring the following at the time of Verification:

  • Print out of Application Form
  • Print out of Payment receipt
  • Print out of Identity Card Form
  • Two recent stamp-sized colour photograph
  • Self attested photocopies of:
  • Mark sheet and Admit Card of H.S. or Equivalent Examinations.

b) Admit Card of Madhyamik  or Equivalent Examinations confirming Date of Birth (D.O.B) or Birth Certificate.

c) SC/ST/OBC/PH Certificates issued by Competent Authority. [If applicable]

  • Originals of all the Documents mentioned in (v) above

N.B: All the printouts to be taken in good quality A4 Size paper only






A Member of a Gram Panchayat;
A Pradhan of Gram Panchayat;
A Member of Panchayat Samity;
A Sabhapati of Panchayat Samiti;
A Member of Zilla Parishad;
A Commissioner of Municipality;
A Councilor of Municipal Corporation;
A Chairman of Municipal Corporation;
A Mayor of Municipal Corporation;
A Member of State Government;
A Member of State Legislature;
A Member of Parliament;
Any Group 'A' Officer Govt. of W.B;
Deputy Director, Backward Classes Welfare, W.B;
Commissioner, Backward Classes Welfare, W.B;
A Councilor of Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council for candidates claiming to Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe and ordinarily residing within the jurisdiction of the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill council.


Deputy Collector of Land Revenue;
Collector of Revenue, Kolkata;

Metropolitan Magistrate, Kolkata;
Addl. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Kolkata;
Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Kolkata;

1st Class Stipendiary Magistrate;
Executive Magistrate;
Sub-Divisional Magistrate;
Sub-Divisional Officer;
Deputy Collector;
Addl. District Magistrate;
Collector and Dist. Magistrate, within their respective jurisdictions in case of candidates claiming to be Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe and ordinarily residing within such jurisdictions.



  • The College Authority reserves the right to cancel any Admission, if detected anomalous on a later date.




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Mandatory Disclosure

Mandatory Disclosure for online form submission & the entire admission process
  • This Online Admission Portal is meant for the serious applicants who are willing to seek their berth at Raja Peary Mohan College for B.A. / B.Sc./ B.Com. Part – I Hons/ General for the ensuing session
  • This application is meant for provisional admission subject to approval of University of Calcutta
  • It is assumed that the information furnished in this application is true to the best of the knowledge of the applicant.  In case of any false/ misleading information, the application will be summarily rejected.
  • It is also assumed that the applicant is applying voluntarily on his/ her own discretion without being influenced by any third party. The College Authority will never entertain any claim regarding this.
  • Applicants willing to seek admission must commit to follow the rules and regulations of the college and the University of Calcutta, which may be amended in due course of time
  • Application does not confirm to Admission
  • In case of Admission, the decision of the Admission Committee/ College Authority will be deemed to be final and no queries will be entertained.
  • The college authority reserves the rights of admission/ rejection of any applicant/ candidate irrespective of the caste/ creed/ gender/ financial & social status without assigning any reason whatsoever.
  • In case of fraudulent activities/ misconduct observed even at a later stage, the candidate/ student may be debarred from the college at the sole discretion of the College Authority
  • Any attempt to intrude with vested interests is subject to punishment as per laws